the Hudders bleep was the best

If Martin & Benedict wrote the scripts. 1:50 though. 

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Title Julia

Artist SZA

Played 446 times

SOTD. SZA - Julia

Funny how life is turning out, I don’t have much to talk about, Don’t have much to write about, got a shitload to cry about. Funny the words i do pick, Funny the n****s i do pick, It’s funny what sticks. Go figure. 

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HAPPY 3RD BIRTHDAY MONSIEUR BLOGGINGTON! so who remembers Nostalgia Ultra? ;)


so who remembers Nostalgia Ultra? ;)
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"Tom Hiddleston sent me the riding crop"
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Oz Comic-Con Sydney

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Did Benedict play more music at the convention?



Songs played/suggested/sung by Benedict during the OZCon shows:

Daft Punk - Doin’ it Right — dancing at panel x

Tim Minchin - White Wine in the Sun — iTunes on shuffle x

Fleetwood Mac — iTunes on shuffle x

James Rhodes — iTunes on shuffle x

Elbow - My Sad Captains — when asked about favourite song at the moment
- "I’m not good at favourties. I am listening to … I don’t know … ‘Elbow’! Their new album is pretty brilliant. ‘Sad Captains’ on that album is a fantastic song." [starts to try to quote ‘And if it’s all we only pass this way but once - What a perfect waste of time’ a couple of times, but cannot get it right, so he gets out his phone - smacks his lips] "Oh I don’t know …. du-dup-du-du-duuhhh." *scrolls through phone* "Recently played …" *smacks lips* "purchased nooo .. du-dup-du-du-duuuhhh" *keeps on scrolling*… "You can talk amongst yourselves, it’s fine. du-dup-du-du-duuhhh” *someone starts whistling* “du-dup-du-du-duuhhh. No no no, no whistling, but just talking.” … ”It’s a really really good song which is why I should probably just have it playing in the background of this answer to your question. I mean, this is the song I have been listening to an awful lot. I think they are an amazing band - ‘Elbow’. Guy Garvey is a friend and he is […] a lyrical genius, I think. He is a beautiful modern poet and a very deeply profoundly lovely human being and soul and I think his music and his words reflect all of that, aaaand … yeah I just .. I love this song.” *plays song … and he sings along quietly until he gets to the line he was trying to quote earlier* … “YEAH! ‘And if it’s all we only pass this way but once - What a perfect waste of time’. That’s a pretty beautiful motto for life really, isnt’ it? Elbow. Lots of Elbow.” - Benedict Cumberbatch

The National — listening to during signing x

Sigur Rós — listening to during signing x

Puff the Magic Dragon — reply to “most embarrassing song on iPhone” — quietly singing one line to the crowd

Indiana Jones theme — describing a game he used to play with friends when he was younger called “going for an Indy” x

I am probably forgetting one or two that I am aware of. Apologies. Check back for updates.

Don’t forget those precious 3 seconds of Jay-Z & Alicia Keys - Empire State Of Mind during the ‘embarrassing music’ bit!


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Benedict Cumberbatch will not be the perfect Hamlet.


He will not be the Best Hamlet, or the One True Hamlet, or the Only Hamlet You Need to See. He won’t be The Perfect Hamlet because there isn’t one.

I say this because I’ve already seen weirdness brewing between Cumberbatch fans and Shakespeare fans about whether he’ll “get it right” or “do the role justice” or “be too much of a prat for it”—please. Benedict will do his own Hamlet, for there are as many Hamlets as there are actors to play him. There’s no predicting what performance decisions he’ll make, but I imagine that his will be the smoldering, cerebral, angry Hamlet. The Hamlet who’s been raised all his life in preparation for kingship, and then finds that as he nears the end of his post-graduate education (so to speak), in his thirties and impatient for the crown (no matter how he loves his father), that the throne’s been snatched out from under him. A Hamlet at the height of his maturity, all power and intellect and political savvy with nowhere to go. Dark, dangerous Hamlet who keeps his grief inside till he’s alone.

This isn’t my personal headcanon Hamlet; I prefer adolescent half-formed Hamlet, teenage Hamlet back from college. More brilliant than anyone around him can even comprehend, the smartest guy in the room though nobody sees it (or him—he’s a bit of a ghost, like his father), much too immature for the weight of his own intellect. A boy absolutely bereft at the loss of his father and his mother’s betrayal, truly half-mad with grief. This was Ben Whishaw’s Hamlet, and he said the smartest thing I’ve heard anyone say about the role: “I think out of all the parts I’ve played, that one feels the most transparent. When you go and see it, you’re seeing something of the actor…it’s not a mask you can hide behind.” The actor doesn’t become Hamlet, Hamlet becomes the actor.

So I’m not going to see Benedict become Hamlet, I’m going to see Hamlet be Benedict. Which will be a very interesting—and beautiful—thing to see.


Instant reblog. Theatre is so personal though, don’t you think? One perfect performance for you could be someone else’s worst. And his Hamlet could lots of people’s perfect Hamlet? That, to me, makes it even more special and bugger the pre and post critics. The poor bloke hasn’t even started the performance rehearsal for it yet.. But still the last sentiment above will always apply -  whether Benedict’s performance is your ideal Hamlet or not, it’ll be different, something he’s wanted to do for a very long time, something very special to him. Like he’s almost letting us in to one of those private and personal doors in his mind palace and allowing us to see something that’s been brewing in him for so long now, something so damn unique to him and only him - it’ll be his. And i’ll have an opportunity to see Benedict’s ‘HAMLET’ with my own eyes and share it with him and that’s pretty awesome. (I feel exactly the same when he occasionally reveals what music he’s been listening to, because again, music taste is a very personal and creative thing.) Shit just got deep. 

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Benedict Oz ComicCon - YouTube


Filmed by yours truly ^.^
Last 8 and a half minutes of the Q&A on Sunday~


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Title Let's Stay Together

Artist Al Green

Album Let's Stay Together
Played 2,943 times


Let’s Stay Together - Al Green

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Big Finish Twitter status [x]    (Benedict Cumberbatch)    Coloured pencils - 3 hours    [Click for high res]


Big Finish Twitter status [x]    (Benedict Cumberbatch)    Coloured pencils - 3 hours    [Click for high res]

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A couple of my favourite dancing in pics and Q&A pics from Oz ComicCon yesterday (12 April).

Please reblog, do not re-post.

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Mission Accomplished!!

What a great ending to my Aussie trip, so I met him again in Sydney and I gave him my present, finally. He was lovely and beautiful as usual. We took a pointing photo, his errant curl and that legendary denim shirt were perfect lol!

I gave him the clays at the autograph session. I showed it to him and explained it was the holmes family clay of him and his parents. He shouted a cute “wow, that is good…nice..” I believed he giggled a bit but he looked down so I couldn’t see his smile.

He thanked me and then I informed him about me selling the clays to his fans worldwide and to thank him for being my inspiration I donated % of my profit to charities (Prince’s Trust and Save The Children). I was so nervous and he kept starring at me (those blue eyess!!) not helping at all!! Lol. Then he replied “Thank you very much, you have to keep some for yourself for what you’ve done. Really appreciate that” (sobs)

Then he almost signed my clays thought that I will sell/auction it for charity. i shouted, “No no! That’s for you. I sell the muffin tops one!” He replied “Oh really? Thank you, thank you very much” NO B, THANK YOU!!

Then he started to write another long message for me:
Pei. You are brilliant and thank you for these brilliant creations and for your donation to charity. Much love!

And another one:
Pei. You rock! (Internal screaming)

I blocked the queue for like 2 minutes, so I thanked him and he replied “lovely to see you again!” (Deaded) i wanted to add lots of thing but he was generous with his time for me so I kept my mouth shut and walked away. I was so high I forgot my bag, I missed the stairs and sat down with blank face lol

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